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Other than Paper - Piggy Bank

And so this Diwali , as my husband excitedly broke open our earthen Piggy Bank to count the coins and cash-up for buying the Diwali Crackers we decided that this tradition of collecting penny by penny year long and then splurging on our favorite festival every year is fun and will be maintained!

But as fate would have it , we were not able to find another earthen piggy bank (thanks to all the potters around town who made everything except a piggy bank!). I didn't want to lose days without saving up so I decided to make one on my own.

And so with an empty Rasgulla container came about our "Gullak"!

It was relatively easy to put the lid and cover it up tightly so that we would not be tempted to open it until the next year. I then rolled it up with a bright yellow paper and laced it up! I decorated it with flowers on top a made a small slit to slide in the coins and moolah. Finally I stuck the words "OUR BANK" to signify the importance of the Rasgulla container :)

And you know what are the glorious moments of our Piggy Bank - When my husband drops in some money and then picks it up, shakes it well just to check if it has become heavier than the last time :)


~Wishing you a thousand smiles :)

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