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Happy Pearl Anniversary!

Hello Blog Friends,

I made this Book of Love (once again!) for a friend who wanted to gift her in-laws something hand made - full of pictures, sentiments and basically pretty! She went through my blog and decided on the Book of Love.

She then gave me 12 pictures of her in-laws journey of their marriage - 30 glorious years. I googled it and found that the 30th Anniversary is also called the Pearl Anniversary - thus I knew my theme. It had to have lots of Pearls and soft colors. So this is what I decided on - A blue and pink colored Book of Love. It has 12 pockets to carry tags. The tags have pictures on one side and sentiments on others.

The pockets are all stamped and made pretty with border punch. The book itself has lots of ribbons.

Finally, checkout the beautiful box which my dear husband created :D . I just loved it!

Hope you like it too :)

Love, Rohini