Pretty as Paper is dedicated to all the crafty items which bring joy to me and a smile on the faces of people who experience it!

Scrap Book - Anniversary Special

Pretty as Paper got its first order from a friend who was celebrating her First Marriage Anniversary.
And what a coincidence! First Marriage anniversaries are also called "Paper Anniversary" and this project so well suited the customer, the vendor , the product and the occasion :)

Every bit of this scrap book is hand made : the book, the covers and the pages ! Kudos to my better half for doing all the punching, filing and binding with such a neat and stylish outcome.

 Have a look at all the pages which are adorned with sequins, pearls, sentiments, quilled flowers  and colorful picture borders. The first page has a delicate quilled design and a sentiment which is hand written by my better half !

Wishing you a thousand smile!

Other than Paper - Diwali Delight

Diwali is the festival of lights and on this day we decorate our houses to welcome Goddess Laxmi who is considered to be the deity of prosperity. On this occasion we make Rangolis made of colors, flowers and other embellishments and which are generally round . The round figure specifies entirety.

So during last and this Diwali and I thought of making some pretty ones at my door step too. I added a touch of craft to it by making the center piece separately (which I got framed later on).

In one of the creations, I made the the image of Ganesh Ji on a square back ground with pearls on paper adorned with glitter!

I then planted it in the middle of the blueprint and made the rangoli around it with flowers and color.

For the second creation, I made again the impression of Ganesh Ji but this time on a round back ground and paisley (mango shape) pattern. The outline too was designed with bright red and orange paisley patterns which were then adorned with glass buttons. The silver and gold glitter made the final product really beautiful.

And then again , the rangoli was drawn around it with only flowers and leaves this time.

 On both times I was guided primly by my dear husband regarding the ratio of sizes and precise outlining of the rangolis with chalk on the ground. The rangoli got washed and cleared 3 days later but my better half preserved it forever by capturing it beautifully in his camera.

~Wishing you a thousand smiles :)

Other than Paper - Piggy Bank

And so this Diwali , as my husband excitedly broke open our earthen Piggy Bank to count the coins and cash-up for buying the Diwali Crackers we decided that this tradition of collecting penny by penny year long and then splurging on our favorite festival every year is fun and will be maintained!

But as fate would have it , we were not able to find another earthen piggy bank (thanks to all the potters around town who made everything except a piggy bank!). I didn't want to lose days without saving up so I decided to make one on my own.

And so with an empty Rasgulla container came about our "Gullak"!

It was relatively easy to put the lid and cover it up tightly so that we would not be tempted to open it until the next year. I then rolled it up with a bright yellow paper and laced it up! I decorated it with flowers on top a made a small slit to slide in the coins and moolah. Finally I stuck the words "OUR BANK" to signify the importance of the Rasgulla container :)

And you know what are the glorious moments of our Piggy Bank - When my husband drops in some money and then picks it up, shakes it well just to check if it has become heavier than the last time :)


~Wishing you a thousand smiles :)

Picture Frame - Kiddo Corner

During our lunch time one of my good friends always talked about her beloved nephew. It was soon to be his 6th birthday and needless to say she was very excited! I thought why not surprise her so that she could surprise her nephew in turn with a beautiful picture frame adorned with his snap.

Since I would be making this for a kid I decided to keep it fun - flowers , colors and shapes.
I cut out a scalloped picture frame and covered it up with dark red paper. To add brightness to it I outlined it with white pearls. Finally I cut out some flowers with various colored papers , added an outline for the contrast and stuck it around where the snap would go. And Lo!

To add to the fun I cut out a butterfly shaped greeting card , packed the duo and gave it to my friend to be gifted.Not only was she surprised with the frame, she loved the thought behind it. Even the little one enjoyed every bit of it :)

~Wishing you a thousand smiles:)

Photo Frame - Flower Power

Birthdays are so much fun! But when it comes to gifting the person something unique , it sure gives us goosebumps :)
I made this photo frame for one such occasion using chart paper, handmade paper , wooden button and some shiny sequin.

The embellishments were made using hand made paper and then designed to look as flowers.
The outline of the picture was done using wooden buttons.

And finally the frame looks like this.

~ Wishing you a thousand smiles :)

Picture Frame : The Joy of Giving!

 This December as we were celebrating Christmas in office , both me and my husband were required to be the Secret Santa to our child! And when it comes to picking up gifts we both were quite clueless. So I decided why to look else where for shopping when awesome Hand made gifts can be made at home!

Hence I chose to make 2 picture frames.

In the first one I added 2 frames . It included a beautiful back ground of yellow color with a red border. Then for both the frames a cut out 2 outlines with black chart. On one I stuck the card board frame too. Other embellishments included some flowers and a "Memories" tag.

In the second one I made space for 1 big photo. The background was black with shocking pink outline. Other embellishments included some flowers, feathers and frame corners. I was a little apprehensive about choosing the pink color for a Photo Frame for a guy, but it turned out so well and looked great!

The good part of this adventure was - Make gift for friends.
The best part pf this adventure was  - The look of surprise and pure happiness on our friends faces on receiving those gifts!

For the second frame which my husband gifted to his friend , he also added to it one of his snaps. It became a totally customized frame and ah did he love it!

After wrapping those gifts I also pinned to them a "Merry Christmas" tag which I made. Simple messages written on chart paper , adorned with a sequin and a cute Santa spreading the "Joy of Giving".

~Wishing you a thousand smiles :) 

Picture Frame : Tranquility !

Here is one serene Picture Frame (PF) which promises to preserve memories forever .
Initially, I was having doubts about what color combination to choose. But Voila! As I went ahead with crafting it it turned out beautifully.

The major embellishments used here apart from Chart and Designed paper are :

1. Cut Flowers
2. Card Board frame borders
3. Quilled decorative details in hues contrasting the background.

4. Silver sequins to give the flowers a glittery effect.
5. Ribbon hangers at the back in both the horizontal and vertical sides so that either a portrait or a
    landscape orientation can be hung.

And then this is how it looked! Hope you like it.

~Wishing you a thousand smiles :)