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Other than Paper - Diwali Delight

Diwali is the festival of lights and on this day we decorate our houses to welcome Goddess Laxmi who is considered to be the deity of prosperity. On this occasion we make Rangolis made of colors, flowers and other embellishments and which are generally round . The round figure specifies entirety.

So during last and this Diwali and I thought of making some pretty ones at my door step too. I added a touch of craft to it by making the center piece separately (which I got framed later on).

In one of the creations, I made the the image of Ganesh Ji on a square back ground with pearls on paper adorned with glitter!

I then planted it in the middle of the blueprint and made the rangoli around it with flowers and color.

For the second creation, I made again the impression of Ganesh Ji but this time on a round back ground and paisley (mango shape) pattern. The outline too was designed with bright red and orange paisley patterns which were then adorned with glass buttons. The silver and gold glitter made the final product really beautiful.

And then again , the rangoli was drawn around it with only flowers and leaves this time.

 On both times I was guided primly by my dear husband regarding the ratio of sizes and precise outlining of the rangolis with chalk on the ground. The rangoli got washed and cleared 3 days later but my better half preserved it forever by capturing it beautifully in his camera.

~Wishing you a thousand smiles :)

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